Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lovely Crystals

It's been a great sunny day @ Bermuda King Wharft, me and my friends are excited to see the amazing caves in Bermuda. We walk with the breeze air with scent of sea water from atlantic going to take a lovely ferry from King wharft going to Hamilton.

From Hamilton we have to take a bus to bring us in that intriguing caves. It takes us 25 mins ride @ the entrance everyone is waiting for the tour guide , we have to choice 2 caves to see, crystal or fantasy.....

well its the same caves anyway so we pick the Crystal Cave. The tour guide starts talking about the history of the caves.. But everyone is busy taking pictures inside :)

While the tour guide asked to listen and put the attention to him , he surprice us what the real purpose why and what to see... we amazed so much...look

 so the tour guide can't stop us to keep taking, posing with camera :)

It's very amazing ...

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